Sunday, January 15, 2012

Andrea Bocelli and The 5 Cs

Andrea Bocelli started The Andrea Bocelli Foundation in Italy under public charter on July 17, 2011 working according to the following values:

Courage: the courage of believing in small or big changes that we can carry out, the courage of giving life to something true; the courage of being confident and transmitting confidence.

Care: caring about people around us, and realizing their problems and the strength of their distress.

Concreteness: working for giving real solutions to the problems we care about.

Competence: work is done professionally and with responsibility.

Cooperation: enabling positive relationships between donor/foundation and foundation/beneficiary, converging needs and will together.

The key value that summarizes the 5Cs is Trust. The trust we give and the trust we ask, the trust we inspire and the trust we live.

When I had the opportunity to work behind-the-scenes on their first Gala Concert on December 9- I was reminded how important Trust is on EVERY level. When you get in the chair to be styled, it is important that you are able to trust your hair and make-up artists, even if you have never worked with them before. This will ensure that you feel as great as you look when you leave the chair. This was my first time working with Ana Maria Martinez & Heather Headley and it was an important night for everyone. Their trust in the chair allowed me to work my magic under pressure and everyone looked beyond beautiful!

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