Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From The Archives: Timeless Kim Basinger summer look

Enjoy this Timeless Kim Basinger look for the summer:

Movieline cover.  Hair and Make-Up By Mario Lara.
Here's HOW:
Semi-blow dry hair, twisting into a sexy high ponytail and secure with a rubber band.  Whatever wispy pieces remain can be styled around the face or controlled with bobby pins.

In the summer months, I prefer to use a foundation with a lighter feel and an spf, like Laura Mercier's line of tinted moisturizers with an spf of 20.

Using taupes to create the light smoky eye will help to contour and shape the eye, while still remaining fresh for daytime.

A desert rose stain on the lips and cheeks will make reapplication throughout the hot summer day easy, with just the carefree swipe of some lip gloss. I find Lise Watier's Plumpissimo "Le gloss Nude", leaves lips looking particularly juicy.

Drinking your ice tea with a straw, not only keeps your lipstick from wearing off, but also, as Kim pointed out to me on the set, it will keep your teeth from getting unsightly tea stains too!

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